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New Technologies Development

  • NodeJS and Express for RESTful cross-platform applications and services
  • Development of dynamic web applications
  • Native and modern graphic interfaces through Qt framework
  • Dynamic web interfaces using Javascript technologies VueJS and SvelteJS
  • Electron for cross-platform graphic interfaces
  • InfluxDB to storage massive amounts of data derived from sensors and applications
  • Monitoring systems and processes optimization for Industrial IoT
  • Cloud native applications development
  • Development of secure and decentralized ledgers via blockchain
  • Development of collection, analysis and processing software solutions for big data
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Collaborative Automation

  • Design of custom solutions for specific applications
  • Study of the most suitable cobot typologies, sensors, management software and end-effector, based on the requests
  • Vision systems integration: quality control, conveyor tracking and objects classification
  • Compliance with industry safety regulations: EN ISO 13849-1, Cat 3, PLd, EN ISO 10218-1 and ISO/TS 15066
  • Compliance with pharmaceutical industry regulations: ISO cleanroom 5
Logo HSG Engineering
Logo HSG Engineering

  • Complete solutions design
  • Development of both fixed and mobile cobot stations
  • Analisys and quality control
  • Palletizing and conveyor tracking
  • Collaborative assembly, screwing and unscrewing
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  • Handling of complex objects, screwing and unscrewing caps
  • Liquid injection, liquid and solid filling, mixing
  • Precision assembly and use of complex tools
  • Optimization of cycle times and spaces required
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Technological Revamping

  • Machines technological revamping
  • Plants technological revamping
  • Equipment integration into production processes
  • System update in compliance with safety regulations
  • Graphic interfaces and systems upgrade to align with the latest CFR21 and Data Integrity regulations
  • Industry 4.0 compatibility and adaptation
  • CE re-certifications of the equipment
  • Documentation and GMP re-validation of the system
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Automatic Movements

  • Material handling
  • Automated warehouses with Traslo-Elevator
  • Warehouse Map System
  • HMI/SCADA Warehouse Management System Interface
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